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Another Colour is available for hire to perform at public venues and private parties. This section of the website is an electronic version of the promotional package used to book Another Colour for various live performance situations.
Please click on the links below to read general information about the duo, and then contact Grace directly to secure a show date; do not hesitate to call (or e-mail) if you have any questions or comments.
Thank you for your interest in Another Colour.

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Types of Live Performances

Another Colour Performing for the Troops (2006)
Another Colour Performing for the Troops (2006)

In order for Another Colour to tailor its live performance services to your needs, the first step is to identify the type of musical performance required for your particular event. In general, there are two categories of performance events: the public-venue performance and the private party performance.
For more than twenty years, Another Colour has been hired to perform for some of the nation’s largest organizations (General Electric, Kroger, The U.S. Military, etc.), the most popular nightclubs (Phoenix Hill Tavern, KY; The Bitter End, NYC; etc.), and the finest individuals (most of whom have become our dearest friends).

Public Venue Performance

Another Colour understands that the public-venue performance is more than just a musical concert. For public-venue performances, the duo engages in various promotional activities prior to the scheduled show date. The group has coined the phrase “Rock ‘n’ Promo Show” for their public-venue performance events.
Some of the types of businesses that have benefited from Another Colour’s Rock ‘n’ Promo Show are: nightclubs, pubs, bar-and-grills, restaurants, pizzerias, small eateries, coffee shops, cafes, small businesses holding in-store promotion events, churches, and the like.

Another Colour’s Rock ‘n’ Promo Show™

“Quality music, maximum promotion!”

In addition to compiling appropriate set lists of songs for each specific public-venue performance, Another Colour will implement the following marketing strategies to ensure that a crowd is present at show time:

Direct Postal Mailing

Your venue will be included on a postcard that Another Colour mails monthly to its entire local fan mail list via the United States Postal Service. Another Colour has been performing publicly in excess of twenty-five years, and at every show, audience members routinely request to be added to the duo’s U.S.P.S fan mail list as well as their internet fan mail list.

Weekly E-Mailing

Another Colour notifies its entire internet fan mail list weekly about upcoming local performances.

24-Hour Concert Line Phone Message

A Happy Bartender after an Another Colour Show
A Happy Bartender after an Another Colour Show

The Another Colour concert line is a phone answering machine that fans can call any time of day to listen to a recorded message of the duo’s upcoming live-show schedule. Every Another Colour live performance that is open to the public is included on the answering machine message that lists the date, show time, address, and venue phone number. The Another Colour concert line is commonly dialed all hours of the night by people out on the town using their cellular phones.

Venue Flyers

Another Colour typesets, prints, and delivers venue-specific flyers to each establishment that hires the duo. These promotional flyers are of the highest print quality and are personally delivered to the performance venue in advance of the scheduled show date to inform the establishment’s regular customers of the event.

Table Tents

Also delivered to the venue in advance of the scheduled show date are professionally printed table-tent inserts. Another Colour will produce table-tent inserts that fit any size plastic table stand. The plastic table stands are commonly provided free to venues by their food and beverage distributors. The duo will make good use of them by inserting an exciting advertisement that effectively promotes the upcoming show.

The Another Colour Website (

All performances that are open to the public are listed on the Another Colour website, The Show Dates calendar at the site provides important event information including, the venue name, address, phone number, show time and date, venue specials and promotions, and even a map with directions. The Another Colour website is commonly accessed by the duo’s fans, friends, students, family members, and other music enthusiasts. “Our audience is your audience.”™

Tabloid Calendar Event Listings

Prior to each show date, Another Colour notifies many local tabloids and internet message boards that regularly post music event listings to have them include the upcoming show. In Louisville, these include the Courier-Journal, the Louisville Music News, L.E.O., etc.

Periodic Marketing Strategies

Another Colour implements the following marketing strategies for public performances on specific occasions:

The Another Colour Chronicle™ Newsletter

Young Fan Reading the Another Colour Chronicle
Young Fan Reading the Another Colour Chronicle

Another Colour prints and distributes its own newsletter during the months when the duo has important information to convey to the public. Thousands of copies of the Another Colour Chronicle are professionally printed and distributed to businesses in close proximity to upcoming performance venues, such as eateries, nightclubs, laundromats, liquor stores, etc. The Another Colour Chronicle is also distributed to the attendees of every live performance so they will know where the next venue performance will be. “Our audience is your audience.”™

Local Newspaper Press Releases

On occasion, the duo will supply local newspapers and tabloids with press releases that tell of their upcoming events. The press releases are journalistic quality, full-length articles that include specific venue-performance information.

Print Advertisements

Another Colour will occasionally co-op print advertisements with venues that are interested in producing such marketing products. Vocalist Grace Dell Aquila was a graphic designer for Long Island, New York’s premier entertainment magazine, Good Times, for many years and has the necessary computer design skills and advertising experience to create an effective print piece.

Radio Advertisements

Another Colour will occasionally co-op radio advertisements with venues that are interested.


Past Another Colour Radio Spots Samples:

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Private Party Performance

Another Colour Performing at a Wedding Ceremony (1996)
Another Colour at a Wedding Ceremony (1996)

Another Colour is hired regularly by individuals and businesses for private party events. For the private party, attention is focused on compiling the ideal set list for the occasion, choosing the proper musical equipment for the room, and dressing appropriately. Another Colour will assist you in creating the perfect mood for your guests. Whether you prefer music to dine to, to dance to, or just sing along with, the duo will set the volume to your taste.
What's more, Another Colour will get the job done economically and efficiently. An acoustic duo can often provide musical services at a lower cost than many full-band ensembles. Because the emphasis at the private party performance is primarily on efficiency, musical ambience, and mood, the duo appends the slogan “a colour you’ve just got to hear,” to their name. No party is too small or too large.
For decades Another Colour has been performing at the following private party settings: wedding ceremonies, banquet halls, corporate dinner functions, house and backyard gatherings, church events, country clubs, on-campus university functions, and more.

Another Colour. . . A Colour You’ve Just Got To Hear!™

Another Colour will see to it that your party is a success. The duo culls just the right songs from their extensive repertory, dresses in neat and appropriate attire for the occasion, and provides the following additional services at no extra charge:

Wireless Microphone for Public Address

Use Another Colour’s sound system to address your guests. When requested, the duo will bring an additional wireless microphone for you to speak to your guests from anywhere in the room. This microphone is set to deliver smooth, clear, and impressively full spoken-voice sound.

Continuous Set-break Music

When Another Colour is on set break, their Apple iPod takes the stage to insure that there is continuous music through the sound system. The duo has fashioned extensive iPod playlists for just about every type of occasion. For example, after the first set of live music, you might choose to have the Ambient Soft-Rock set-break iPod mix while guests are eating. After the second set of live music, the 80s Pop-Rock set-break mix might work to increase the energy level. From there you might move to the 70s Disco iPod mix, or the Heavy Metal mix, and then later downshift to the Classic American Standard Crooners mix; for any mood that you are trying to create, Another Colour has it covered. Another Colour's iPod contains only full-resolution audio files (not inferior MP3s) for set-break music to ensure superior sound quality. And, of course, it never skips when your guests get up to dance.

Compact Stage Setup

Another Colour Performing at a Backyard Party in Fort Myers, FL (1994)
Performing at a Backyard Party in Fort Myers, FL (1994)

Another Colour will fit anywhere, in any available space, and will never get in the way. If you’ve rented a smaller banquet hall, the duo can tuck nicely into one of the corners. If, on the other hand, you’re at the convention center, rest assured that Another Colour will bring the appropriate speaker system for the job. Paul Dell Aquila is a certified audio engineer that teaches courses in audio production at the university level.
You choose the mood: music to dine to, dance to, sing along with, or talk over. Another Colour will set the volume to your taste.

Bottom Line: Experience and Expertise!

Whether you are having a public or private event, keep in mind that Grace and Paul are full-time, life-long, educated musicians with over twenty-five years of entertainment experience working together. Please take a moment to read the testimonials at the Press Clippings and Testimonials portion of this website. References are available upon request.

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Musical Style and Repertories

Biggus Bookus Over 1,000 Songs in the Another Colour Song Book
Over 1,000 Songs in the Another Colour Song Book

Another Colour’s live-show repertory is best described as classic, current, and original popular music, with an approximate mix of 80% classic songs, 10% current chart hits, and 10% original music. Because their repertory extends from the 1920's to the present, the duo can tailor each set of music to the tastes of the audience. The priority is to create a positive and enjoyable listening situation in which people of all ages can hear at least some of their favorite pop songs.

Another Colour's Classic Repertory

80% of Another Colour’s repertory consists of classic pop-rock music spanning more than 90 years. Although there is an obvious concentration on the Classic Rock of the late 1960s and early 1970s, the duo also performs American Jazz Standards, 1950s Rock-n-Roll, some Classic Country, and even a song or two from the Church hymnal when requested. The classic portion of a typical Another Colour set, therefore, might consist of Rock-n-Roll chart hits from years past, deep 1970s album-rock cuts, the best of the singer-songwriters, a showtune from the Broadway stage, the "Ave Maria," and a Willie Nelson song thrown in for good measure.
Another Colour regularly adds new material to their set list to ensure that it remains relevant and comprehensive. However, they make every effort to ensure that their set list is never banal, clichéd, or superficial.

Another Colour's Current Repertory

10% of Another Colour’s live-show repertory consists of current chart hits. However, the duo performs modern popular music from artists who endeavor to carry on the tradition of the great songwriters of the past. Another Colour carefully chooses modern music that exhibits a high degree of craftsmanship in melody, harmony, and lyrical construction (i.e. sensible songs of merit with powerful, positive messages).
Though songs of varying quality and content may become top-of-the-chart hits at any given time, Another Colour only performs music of high artistic and emotional value. Since it has been shown that music and the arts can impact society, Another Colour respects the responsibility that comes with a microphone, and will only address the public with music that makes a positive contribution.

Another Colour's Original Repertory

10% of Another Colour’s performance repertory consists of original songs from their studio recordings. Again, in the tradition of sensible songwriting, every attempt is made to produce and perform quality music with positive content.
Another Colour’s original recordings are available for purchase.

Partial List of Artists That Another Colour Covers

The Allman Brothers Band
The Animals
Louis Armstrong

Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Joan Baez
The Band

Beach Boys
Irving Berlin
Chuck Berry
Black Crowes
Blind Faith
Blue Oyster Cult
Blues Image
David Bowie
The Box Tops

Edie Brickel
Garth Brooks
Buffalo Springfield
Jimmy Buffett
The Byrds
Glen Campbell
Mary Chapin Carpenter
The Carpenters
Johnny Cash
Harry Chapin
Tracy Chapman
Ray Charles
Eric Clapton
Patsy Cline
Joe Cocker
John Ford Coley
Judy Collins
Phil Collins
Sam Cooke
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Jim Croce
Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young
Sheryl Crow
The Cure
England Dan
Deep Purple
John Denver
Dion and the Belmonts
Dire Straits
Doobie Brothers
The Doors
The Drifters
Bob Dylan
The Eagles

Emerson, Lake, and Palmer
The Everly Brothers
Five for Fighting
Roberta Flack
Fleetwood Mac
Dan Fogelberg
Stephen Foster

Peter Frampton
Bobbie Gentry
Steve Goodman
Grand Funk Railroad
The Grateful Dead
Dobie Gray
Macy Gray
The Guess Who
Jimi Hendrix
Don Henley
The Hollies
Buddy Holly
The Honey Drippers

The Indigo Girls
The James Gang
Jefferson Airplane
Billy Joel
Elton John
Norah Jones
Janis Joplin
Ben E. King
Carole King
The Kingsmen
Kris Kristofferson
Led Zeppelin
John Lennon
Gordon Lightfoot
Lisa Loeb
Loggins and Messina
Looking Glass
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Barry Manilow
Bob Marley
Marshall Tucker Band
Don McLean
Meat Loaf
John Mellencamp
Johnny Mercer
Natalie Merchant
Bette Midler
Steve Miller
Joni Mitchell
The Moody Blues

Alanis Morissette

Van Morrison
Michael Murphy
Anne Murray
Willie Nelson
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Roy Orbison
Gilbert O'Sullivan
Pearl Jam
Peter, Paul, and Mary
Tom Petty
Wilson Pickett
Pink Floyd
The Police
Elvis Presley
The Pretenders
Procal Harem
Pure Prairie League
Otis Redding
Lou Reed
The Righteous Brothers
The Rolling Stones
Bob Seger
Carly Simon
Simon and Garfunkel
Paul Simon

Smashing Pumkins
Dusty Springfield
Stealers Wheel
Cat Stevens
Al Stewart
Rod Stewart
James Taylor
Three Dog Night
The Troggs
Keith Urban
Frankie Valli
The Who
Hank Williams
Bill Withers
Lee Ann Womack
Stevie Wonder
Neil Young
The Young Rascals

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Press Clippings and Testimonials

The following excerpts are taken from published newspaper and magazine articles that have mentioned Another Colour. Also included are a few public testimonials from businesses and individuals who have hired the duo in the past.

“Thank you for being part of our pre-game festivities on August 2, 1999. Your rendition of the Star Spangled Banner was so dignified and beautiful. . . a perfect compliment to our Thurman Munson tribute.”
Kristina Papa, New York Yankees, New York, August 1999

“From that first night at the Brewery as virtual unknowns to their current status as respected veterans of the stage, Grace and Paul have blended music, friendships and relationships into a package that just about all would envy, A Colour you've got to hear.”
ME Music Entertainment, Kentucky, April 2010, p. 19

“Another Colour opened the show for Warren Zevon at the Phoenix Hill Tavern recently, and the Hill was rockin' to this incredible duo. Originally from New York, they are here now, and they are taking the local music scene by storm. Kentuckiana just got lucky.”
Regional Entertainment Directory, Indiana, November 1994, p. 24

“Paul Dell Aquila, songwriter and guitarist for the Farmingdale rock group Another Colour, has just taken first prize in the Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Contest. Dell Aquila's song, Since It Is So, was the winner of the pop/top 40 category.”
Farmingdale Observer, New York, November 15, 1991, p. 02

“If you've been in any local hotspots recently and seen a duo by the name of Another Colour then you've seen one the best classic rock/originals acts in the Louisville area.”
Louisville Nightlife, Kentucky, January 1996, p. 11

“'They have developed a following at St. James that includes friends and fans that come primarily to hear them,' said Gail Schaefer, the church's bookkeeper, 'we are blessed to have them.'”
The Courier-Journal, Kentucky, April 15, 2005, p. B3

“Aside from being an extremely hard working band, this is one whose talents seem to overwhelm those who step within hearing distance.”
Good Times Magazine, New York, August 11, 1992, p. 23

“It's always a good crowd and lots of fun when the band plays my place, explains Conrad Marsicano, owner of Conrad's Pub on Main Street.”
Farmingdale Observer, New York, December 28, 1990, p. 02

“The duo can shift from Dan Fogelberg to Pink Floyd without a blink, after which they’ll captivate their audience with an original power ballad.”
Louisville Music News, Kentucky, June 1997, p. 03

“'They're really talented musicians,' said Liz Martin, association president of Belmar, off Preston Highway. 'They can play pretty much any kind of genre of music.'”
The Courier-Journal, Kentucky, December 28, 2005, p. 01

“Vocalist Grace Delligatti [now Grace Dell Aquila] impresses by her ability to handle such diversified material. Her powerful voice did justice to Debbie Harry and Janis Joplin; no small feat.”
Island Ear Magazine, New York, June 26, 1989, p. 26

“Following that first summer '94, Paul and Grace have enjoyed, not only continued, but a rapidly growing success throughout the years. Due mostly to the entertainment value they present but also in part to Grace's dogmatic marketing skills. Building a huge mailing list to keep their loyal fans and friends informed of their upcoming dates, Another Colour has always been in demand.”
ME Music Entertainment, Kentucky, April 2010, p. 18

“When I heard Another Colour play it didn’t take me twice to recognize their talent.”
Mike Ryan of Brewery Thunderdome, Louisville, Kentucky
Louisville Music News, Kentucky, June 1997, p. 03

“Long Island rock-n-roll radio station, WBAB, in conjunction with concert promoter, Emerald City Productions, hosted a battle of the bands to raise money for the homeless. Another Colour of Farmingdale won first place. . . Another Colour, now entering their fifth year of music making, had just enough finesse and seasoning to edge past the other very impressive finalists and take the grand prize.”
Farmingdale Observer, New York, August 02, 1991, p. 09

“This duo is always perfectly in tune with each other, and they make every performance enjoyable for themselves and the audience.”
Louisville Nightlife, Kentucky, January 1996, p. 11

“She can send an exuberant rush up your spine or calm you with a soothing, soulful ballad. The lady is amazing.”
River City Music News, Ohio/Kentucky, December 1994, p. 12

“They had a really good following, they were really driven, they had their heads on straight and they had a good sense of business about them. They are successful now and they are going to be more successful.”
Randy Jackson of Atlantic Recording Artist Zebra
Louisville Music News, Kentucky, June 1997, p. 04

“Lyrically, the band's bouncy original material is unexpectedly fresh and clever.”
Newsday, Part II, New York, February 28, 1992, p. 85

“'They're very versatile and very talented,' said Karen Howe, president of the Highlands ministry board, 'they had this one song, Cherokee Park, that everybody just loves.'”
The Courier-Journal, Kentucky, April 15, 2005, p. B3

“Paul Dell Aquila is equally gifted. His dexterity on guitar allows him to 'kick' the songs at just the right time, and his backing vocal harmonies are perfect.”
River City Music News, Ohio/Kentucky, December 1994, p. 12

“If the Long Island entertainment industry was the solar system, Another Colour would be the sun. This is truly one of the greatest bands you'll see.”
Good Times Magazine, New York, August 11, 1992, p. 23

“Paul's playing was an interesting experience; his ability to prod an acoustic into releasing a flawless, full sound was impressive to say the least.”
Louisville Music News, Kentucky, December 1994, p. 18

“Grace Delligatti [now Grace Dell Aquila] possesses an incredible voice and extraordinary stage presence.”
Good Times Magazine, New York, August 11, 1992, p. 23

“Grace is in complete control of her powerful voice.”
Regional Entertainment Directory, Indiana, November 1994, p. 24

“Another Colour, a high-energy New York rock group, wowed 'em at Highland Grounds last weekend.”
Louisville Eccentric Observer (L.E.O.), Kentucky, May 18, 1994, p. 11

“Every band has its secret—or not-so-secret—weapon, and for Another Colour, that would be vocalist Grace Delligatti [now Grace Dell Aquila].”
Newsday, Part II, New York, February 28, 1992, p. 85

“Both performers have strong vocals which carry them easily through anything.”
Louisville Nightlife, Kentucky, January 1996, p. 11

“I just like their music. She’s got a great voice, and he writes all the songs. They make a good team. . . That’s what I’m hoping other people will hear.”
Mike Ryan of Brewery Thunderdome,
Louisville Music News, Kentucky, June 1997, p. 03

“Guitarist Paul Dell Aquila demonstrated his unique first-rate playing style and song writing skills.”
Good Times Magazine, New York, August 11,1992, p. 23

“During the afternoons, he [Paul Dell Aquila] is a teacher of ambitious young guitarists. At night and early morning, he's an entertainer, performing to capacity crowds.”
Farmingdale Observer, New York, December 28, 1990, p. 02

“Delligatti [now Dell Aquila] is a voice power box of majesty.”
Good Times Magazine, New York, November 05, 1991, p. 26

“Paul's voice really shined. His vocal talent is equally as strong as Grace's, and the two rely on an excellent use of harmonies.”
Louisville Music News, Kentucky, December 1994, p. 18

“Delligatti's [now Dell Aquila's] fiery stage presence—including a leonine mane that definitely qualifies as big hair—takes a back seat to her powerful voice and dramatic delivery.”
Newsday, Part II, New York, February 28, 1992, p. 85

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Artwork and Graphics for Media

For the convenience of media and booking agents that produce promotional material, the following graphics are provided. Right-click on the links below to download image files to your computer.

Another Colour Logo: 1-Inch, bitmap TIFF, 600ppi, 84kb

Another Colour Logo: 1-Inch reverse, bitmap TIFF, 600ppi, 84kb

Another Colour Logo: 3-Inch, bitmap TIFF, 600ppi, 448kb